ArkLight is the home of a community creating a new society of freedom, love and courage where individuals bring rejuvenating spiritual insight into cultural, civic and economic life.

We currently hold events, education programs and speakers in the beautiful space and on the land pictured below.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to completing the space
you can do so using paypal or venmo: @Ark-Light.

For more information contact: Dale (general/events)

The ArkLight House

The Lighthouse is an unparalleled, spiritual, engineered temple, which was imagined, architected, facilitated, and hand built by Dale Hartka and his family over the last 10 years. Dale created it to be a community space, in a way that the architecture actually changes your consciousness.

He is looking forward to completing it with us. The Lighthouse is hidden in the woods of upstate NY. It is almost completely self sustaining. Geothermally heated through the natural spring fed pond, with South facing windows in the solarium, the basement, and the attic. We are currently adding Solar, a windmill, and outdoor garden.